DWSIM Process Equipment

Process Equipment in DWSIM

In running DWSIM for a Model Process observed the following shortcomings. Solutions may please be conveyed to complete the DWSIM process simulation successfully.

Process is Dew pointing (Water) by TEG Dehydration and Dew pointing (Hydrocarbon) by Mechanical refrigeration.

DWSIM Version employed is the latest one - 8.7.1

  1. In the Process equipment displayed, Unable to see entities like PCV, LCV, TCV and JTV (Joule Thomson Valve). Valve is given which can be substituted in the places of PCV, LCV, TCV and JTV and renamed as PCV, LCV TCV and JTV. Does the program accept such substitution and give the right simulated result with respect to the function of each equipment?

    Or is there some right approach (which is missed) for the above problem?

  2. Storage vessels need to have one inlet and at least one bottom outlet and at least one top vapour outlet and on occasions more than one inlet and one outlet will have to be provided. But in the tank given in the program, one inlet and one outlet are there and unable to join more inlets and outlets. How can this problem be solved?

  3. In operating the DWSIM, some of the KODs are operated with only two streams (Gas and Liquid). But the Simulation shows three streams and demands one more liquid outlet which is practically not provided since condensate and water is taken as a single outlet stream to CBD. Solution may also please be provided for this problem.


R Meenakshi sundaram